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Heavy Equipment Repair Services

Emergency Heavy Equipment Repair Services Ottawa

We’re Standing By On Call For Your Emergency Repair Needs!

When an emergency strikes, sometimes you can’t help but feel hopeless. With Ottawa Equipment Mechanics, you’ll feel peace of mind knowing that you’re in the good hands of trained and experienced technicians who will come to you for emergency repairs when you need them most.

Emergency Heavy Equipment Repair Services Ottawa

Fast and Reliable Solutions

Quick Response Times

As heavy equipment specialists, we know that a broken down machine can bring the whole operation to a grinding stop, with every hour of downtime costing you money.
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Not Like The Rest

Unlike most dealerships and other equipment mechanics, we won’t keep you waiting for days with your heavy equipment in disrepair. At Ottawa Equipment Mechanics, we’re dedicated to providing swift response times to all of our customers.

Our primary goal is to provide in-depth diagnoses and repairs quickly and efficiently that get your operation back up and running as soon as possible.

Mobile Repairs

Wherever you are, we’ll come to you to provide emergency repairs. With Ottawa Equipment Mechanics, your equipment can stay put, so you don’t have to spend the money and time organizing transportation to dealerships or mechanic shops.
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Emergency Heavy Equipment Repair Services Ottawa

Stay Ahead of Emergencies With Our 15-Point Service

You never know when your equipment will need emergency attention. With Ottawa Equipment Mechanics’ 15-Point Service Check, our specialized technicians will be able to detect issues well before they escalate into major problems, preventing breakdowns from happening and keeping you and your project on track.