Our 15-Point Service

15 point services

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Ottawa

Integrated Services All For One Price

Introducing The Ottawa Equipment Mechanics’ 15-Point Service, an integrated servicing package that provides you and your equipment with the regular scheduled maintenance and repairs they need right on site.

Priority Support

You can rest assured that as a customer of our 15-Point Service, you’ll get priority service and support. When you need us most, we’ll be there with fast and efficient service.

What’s Covered?

Our 15-Point Package covers everything to keep your heavy equipment working as it should. We suggest running the 15-point service every couple of weeks. Our team can either come to your location or you can visit our shop.


2023 Repair & Maintenance Rates:

$ 140.00 /HR* $ 60.00 Service Call


  • 0-2 ton mini-excavtors $172.50
  • 2-4 ton mini-excavators $210.00
  • 4-6 ton mini-excavators $285.00
  • 6-8 ton mini-excavators $360.00


  • 0-6,700 lbs -| <55 HP engine $172.50
  • 6,700-10,000 lbs | 55-74 hp engine $210.00
  • 10,000 plus lbs | over 75 hp engine $285.00


  • 0-6,200 lbs -| <55 HP engine $172.50
  • 6,200-9,000 lbs | 55-74 hp engine $210.00
  • 9,000 plus lbs | over 75 hp engine $255.00


  • Small - less than 10,000 pounds $285.00
  • Medium - 10,000 - 15,000 pounds $360.00
  • Large - 15,000 - 20,000 pounds $435.00


  • Small - under 80HP $322.50
  • Medium - 80-100HP $397.50
  • Large - over 100HP $472.50


  • Mini compact track loaders $172.50
  • Compact track loaders $172.50
  • Power Wheelbarrows $172.50
*all parts and supplies are additional, HST applicable on provided pricing

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Ottawa

The Three Ps Of Our 15-Point Service


Our regular scheduled maintenance is proactive, finding the small issues before they escalate into big problems.
Ottawa Equipment Maintenance
Heavy Equipment Maintenance


With regular maintenance, your equipment will always be working at its highest capacity, ensuring top productivity on the job.

Pocket The Difference

With fixed prices and avoiding costly repairs and lost productivity, the savings will go right into your pocket!
Ottawa heavy equipment

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Ottawa

Why You Should Go With Our 15-Point Package

Increased Lifespan

Regular and scheduled inspections and maintenance are key for increasing your equipment’s lifespan, allowing you to maximize your investments, limiting wear and tear, and enhancing their resale value.

Peace of Mind

Your heavy equipment is a big investment, and the last thing you need is costly repairs that leave your investments stagnant and inoperable. With our 15-Point Service, you’ll feel peace of mind knowing that your equipment is properly serviced and in top shape.